When completing your reporting function, you will be required to enter the following in order to proceed with the report submission.

eMS will auto-generate a Total Partner Contribution Value based on the information you have provided in your List of Expenditure and the various percentage contributions per funding source.  In order to complete the Contributions and Forecasts tab you should calculate and enter the values in the 'Current Report' column as per the following example:

*Total Partner Contribution Value


Name of Contribution    % of Total    Current Report

e.g. Acc. Dept 1                 46.39%        £2,033.65    (calculated by £4,383.81@46.39%)

Accountable Dept 2           53.61%        £2,350.16    (calculated by £4,383.81@53.61%)

Total                                100.00%      £4,383.81

The values you enter confirm the value of funding due to be received from the relevant funding source.

*Details in italics are pre-filled by eMS and will be specific to your project.