TheeMS system is designed to aggregate specific information from each projectapplication and utilise this data in order to populate sections within theproject/partner quarterly reports. 


Inlight of this all Lead Partners and Project Partners should be aware that whilein the process of compiling project/partner reporting (i.e. building claimsetc.) no Modification Requests should be initiated. 


Ifa Modification Request is initiated during this time allclaims/reporting in progress will be deleted from the eMS system.This is an automatic process within eMS whereby a Modification Request isviewed as a change to the “Contracted” project which could potentially amendthe reporting requirements. It should be further noted that this processis still applicable even if the Modification Request has no material effect onthe reporting elements of the project.  


Oncea report/claim has been submitted to SEUPB the Financial Control Unit (FCU)will provide the project/partner with a sample of the claim for which they willbe required to provide supporting evidence. Once this process has beencompleted an FLC certificate will be issued. 


Projects should only initiate a modification request oncethey have received their FLC Certificate.